Brown Beauty Chat: Rihanna Whats Good??

Of course, I’m excited to review the Fenty Beauty concealers and setting powders. Rihanna started the beauty trend of creating inclusive shades of foundation to the beauty industry. This was no different when she decided to come out with concealer and setting powders. Not only did Rihanna create an inclusive shade range but the concealers come in 50 shades. She also extended her foundations from 40 to 50 shades. By this fact only I was super impressed because she is making it possible to find a concealer for your shade, and making it easily shoppable. When going to Sephora, your shade match of the foundation has a corresponding concealer, and you can always go up or down in shade for whatever look or achievement you’re going for. So in my daily work life thank you, Rihanna, for making my life easier.

The concealer comes in 50 shades and corresponding foundation shades to match. The Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Concealer is a crease-proof liquid concealer with medium to full coverage that brightens the under-eye and conceals blemishes and redness.

I picked up the shade 390 to highlight and brighten my under eyes. I usually wear shade 420 in the foundation and shade 440 in the summer when I am really tan. I didn’t pick up a shade to contour since I already use the Fenty Matchstix in the color espresso. When I went to put the concealer on I was taken aback about how little I needed to put on. So being my foolish self, I did way too much and put on way too much. But thanks to the Beauty Blender I was able to get it under control and blend it out seamlessly. The concealer is very creamy and full coverage, so not much is needed to cover a specific area. Again, less is definitely more. I loved that the formula was super creamy because I hate matte concealers especially for under my eyes. It dries down to a natural finish and can be baked under the eye without it looking dry or cakey. Overall, I like the concealer and love the shade range as there is a shade for everyone. Not much is needed so it can work when you want a natural beat, or when you want a full face beat.

For the setting powders, I picked up shades coffee (to set my overall face) and the shade honey (to bake underneath my eyes). The powder is described as a weightless, loose setting powder that extends makeup and filters the skin to create a photo ready finish. The powder comes in 8 shades and is meant to match the range of colors in the foundation formula. For instance, if you are in the shade range of 400’s in the foundation, then your correct powder shade would be the color Nutmeg. When using the powders, I loved at how finely milled and translucent they were. The shade nutmeg set the skin very nicely, It gave a nice soft matte finish and didn’t cake up. I did love that when setting my makeup with this powder, I instantly looked good. A lot of times I know for myself when setting with powder the skin can look cakey and the color of the skin can look very washed out. It’s like you almost have to wait 15 min for the skin to settle and the face to warm up. This powder didn’t need Mac fix + or anything to look human or skin like after applying. As far as oil control properties, I have super oily skin and usually no matter what I do I will have oil on the skin after about 6 hours. The powder was pretty good at controlling oil, and I didn’t have to blot my t-zone until about 6 hours after I applied.

With the additional 10 shades, Rihanna added to the collection I was hoping to see more in the shade range of 410-440. A shade in 425 would’ve been perfect for myself as I’m right in between shades 420-430. Riri pretty much added a shade in between each tone group.

Overall, I think Rihanna did a good job at what she does best in creating inclusive complexion products. There is literally a concealer shade for everyone without having to do the hard work of figuring it out. The consistency is great, and so is the coverage. The powders are really nice, finely milled and don’t make the skin look ashy. I say it’s a win and I would definitely check it out before it sells out.


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