Concealer Do’s and Don’t​’s

My collection of concealers. My all time favorite is Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer

I think concealer is one of the items in your makeup routine that seems so simple, but it is everything. With the current trend of makeup, I have seen concealer be overused to not having the right formula that can either make or break your makeup. Just last week, I ran out of my favorite concealer and went on the hunt to try to find a replacement. It was then, I realized it’s not so easy to find the perfect shade and finish of concealer. I have a vast concealer collection, and some are the devil to blend out, or some don’t cover enough at all. It’s so easy to think that the highest coverage is the best, but as I get older sighs, I find that medium/buildable coverage with radiant finishes are the best that don’t enhance fine lines/wrinkles. Here are some of my tips and tricks for using concealer and some of my favorite concealers to use.

Put foundation on first
When you layer on your foundation on first, you will notice that you may need less concealer. It always best to put your base on first and then add concealer where necessary. It avoids wasting product and gives more of a natural look.

Less is more

You don’t need this much concealer! I promise! no matter how much you are trying to cover lol

The more concealer you put on, the more you have to blend out. Don’t let the Instagram eye makeup tutorials lead you to believe that you have to put on globs of concealer. I use concealer for under my eyes and my brows and still get the same highlighted effect. When things aren’t blended out well, it draws extra attention and gives the “oh she is wearing a lot of makeup” effect. If you have darkness under the eye you can always correct prior to avoid using a ton of concealer.

Your tools matter
There are different makeup tools you can use to blend out your concealer. They have different effects, but they all work well.

Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

I love the beauty blender because it allows you to get full coverage, but it absorbs some of the product so that the blend is seamless. The beauty blender is excellent because you can use it to blend out foundation as well.


Morphe M536

Blending out your concealer with a brush gives fuller coverage under the eye, so it’s perfect if you are trying to conceal dark circles or under-eye puffiness.

Using your fingers to blend out concealer gives more natural coverage. The great thing about using your fingers is that you have warmth coming from them, so it tends to blend out products smooth and naturally.

Don’t overly Bake

Image courtesy of Google images

Baking under the eye is when you add a lot of setting powder to in term “bake” and set the concealer. This method used to be one of my favorite things to do, but later after a few flashback photos and overly dry under-eyes, I decided to stop baking. Now, I do set my under eye with powder, but I don’t use a lot, and I set with a brush and gently sweep off. You get the same effect, but it looks more natural and doesn’t enhance any lines under the eye.

Don’t go too light

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Your concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than your complexion. If your concealer is too bright, you will get the raccoon effect that will flashback in photos and draw unnecessary attention. If your baking already on top of a lighter concealer, everything can go wrong lol. If your unsure go one shade lighter than your complexion and then brighten with a setting powder (like Laura Mercier translucent or Sacha buttercup)

Do-shape of a triangle
When putting on concealer, I like this method only because it allows you to add light to the center of the face. Most of us are lighter in the center, and bringing light to the center of our face brings balance and symmetry to your makeup. I also like this method because I get to contour to the nose without actually having to contour it.

Those are all of my tips for using concealer. Below I will link some of my favorite concealers that are easy to blend out but still give excellent coverage. Always remember to start with light coverage and then build your way up!

From (L to R)

Cover Fx Power Play Concealer $30– Gives fuller coverage but blends out easily

Smashbox Studio Skin Concealer $24– Medium to full coverage radiant finish and smooth finish

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer $30– Gives medium to full coverage offering a radiant finish.



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