Kips Bay Decorator Show House A Must See!

One great advantage about living in New York City is that there is always something great popping up to get you inspired. I wouldn’t call myself an interior designer but I’m currently redesigning a bedroom in my apartment, so I’m looking at Pinterest all the time to try and get my creative juices flowing. I heard about the Kips Bay Showroom from a friend of mine, and I decided to stop by and take a look. I did a little research on the Showroom, and I was super inspired and couldn’t wait to support a cause that gives back.

Designer details can be found on website
Details can be found on website

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House was started in 1973 to support The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. The purchase of tickets to the Showroom supports the Boys and Girls Club which is a club/organization that helps young adults in their educational, artistic and potential growth development.

Me and Designer Corey Damen Jenkins

The tour of this magical Showroom allows you to meet some of the designers of the rooms as well as get some inspiration. You’re free to take pictures and ask as many questions as you like. If your someone interested in art or just like to look at beautiful things or an HGTV fanatic then going to the Kips Bay Showroom is a must.

All in the details

Tickets to the Showroom are $40 and run until the end of the month (May 30th)

All pictures were taken at Showroom and designers can be found on website

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