Skincare Primers Are They Worth The Hype?

So if your someone who is curious like me then your probably wondering what the difference between a primer sold in skincare that is said to brighten the skin then to one sold in color cosmetics that is meant to do the same thing. I decided to do half my face priming with the new Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face primer and do the other side of my face using the Smashbox Radiance Primer. I wanted to see if there would be an actual difference as both are said to have skincare benefits.

The new Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer is a vitamin c infused illuminating face primer with banana powder pigments that give the skin instant radiance while improving and extending makeup wear. The primer also contains Vitamin E to nourish and condition the skin.

When using the Banana Bright Primer, it has an orangey smell, and it glides on smoothly on the skin. It instantly blurs texture and isn’t greasy or oily and gives the perfect amount of glow. I wore the primer with a matte foundation (Cover FX Powerplay) and was really impressed with how the foundation and primer wore together. It gave my skin a natural, subtle glow and allowed my foundation to go on a lot smoother.

Skin with just the Ole Henriksen primer

The Smashbox Radiance Primer hydrates and enhances radiance for a better makeup application. The primer is infused with amber and bronze pearl to create a glow on the skin. This is always my go-to primer for when I want added radiance to my foundation. The primer is super smooth and gives a nice glow without it being heavy or overwhelming. I always wear a matte foundation since I have oily skin and I honestly have no complaints about this primer.

skin with just the Smashbox primer

When comparing both primers, I feel like they both equally do a great job at enhancing glow on the skin. They both blur and extend makeup wear evenly the same. Vitamin C in a primer isn’t going to give you actual skincare benefits that you would get from serum or moisturizer. I would say either option is a great choice when looking for a radiance primer. If you’re more of an oily/ combo skin type, I would either mix it in your foundation

Beat with both primers


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