Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Foundation Review!

Im shade 80WO

So August is the month of foundations. Big companies have been releasing foundations left and right, and I’m just trying to keep up lol. Most recently, Urban Decay released the Stay Naked Weightless Liquid foundation in 50 shades. This foundation was one of the first in Urban Decays complexion lineup, but the company decided to reformulate it and expand the shade range. I’m not sure if you all are familiar with Urban Decay products, but in the past, their shade range has not always been inclusive and dark skin shades would either run on the orange side or the ashy pink side. Being one of the first “popular” makeup brands in Sephora, I always wanted more from their complexion products.

Stay Naked Weightless Foundation
Come in 50 shades with nine shade intensities, three mastertones, and seven undertones.

some of the med/darker shades

The foundation is weightless, breathable, waterproof, and 24-hour wear. 

I was impressed with the shade range. It got a little tricky when picking out a match and understanding the color system. 

The first number is the shade intensity, which goes from 10-90. I fell in the 80 range, which is the “deep” category.

The next part is picking your mastertone, which falls into the categories of cool, neutral, and warm. I’m in the warm group. 

Lastly, the undertone category is pink, blue, green, neutral, yellow, orange, and red. Most of the medium-deeper shades fall into the undertone of neutral, yellow, orange, or red. I’m in the orange family. 

My thoughts, I like this foundation a lot! It’s lightweight and still offers a lot of coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. It does what it claims being waterproof and lasting all day. It didn’t oxidize and gave a skin-like finish. It is matte, so if you have dry skin, then you would need to use a hydrating primer. I recommend! You can get the foundation at Ulta or Sephora for $39.


  1. Grace
    May 26, 2022 / 5:02 pm

    Hi, do you remember which shades you swatched from top to bottom or vice versa?

    • jnm9451
      June 27, 2022 / 1:40 am

      No, I don’t I’m sorry 🙁

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