6 Tips for Getting Your First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube!

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Hi, Beauties! So it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog and wrote a blog post. I’ve been so busy with my work life and finding a home on Youtube my blog has been a little neglected. So thank you for bearing with me, and I appreciate all of you. In other news, I made it to 1k subscribers on Youtube, and honestly, it was hard work. My next goal is to get monetized, but I wanted to share my six tips for getting started on Youtube and getting to 1k subscribers.

  1. Just Start

Before I started my youtube channel a year and a half ago, I was constantly watching videos on what you should know before starting and doing a ton of research on what to do and what not to do. Even though that is great, it just stopped me from starting sooner. You don’t learn until you start doing, and your first few videos won’t be good; that’s just the truth, lol. 

Pick a few topics that you are interested in and start the damn channel, lol.

2. Research is key

When you first start your Youtube channel, you can’t just talk about whatever you want. No one cares about your vlogs or your opinions on anything. Everything you plan to discuss or review on your channel needs to be keyword-friendly and researched before you press record. I use Vidiq and the search box on Youtube before I record anything. Knowing what people are searching for on the platform is the key to people watching your videos. I always look for topics that have high search volume and low competition. That always ensures that my videos get views and more people find and subscribe to my channel. 

3. Consistency is key

No one will subscribe to your channel if you aren’t consistent with your uploads. When I first started, I committed to making one video a week. It gave me time to get used to using the platform and be consistent with my loyal subscribers. Now that I want to get monetized on the platform, I upload twice a week, and let me tell you that it is hard work. I’m currently working on an upload schedule that my subscribers can get used to and one that works for me. 

4. You don’t need the fancy equipment

Another thing that stopped me from starting my youtube was thinking that I needed to have the best editing software and the best equipment. I started with a Canon Powershot, and the filming quality was awful, lol. I was already committed to the platform when I decided to purchase the Canon M50 to make my video quality better. In my first few videos, I used Inshot to edit, and now I use Imovie, a software that comes with my MacBook. So I still currently use what I have, and honestly, that is all I need. 

5. Ignore the Haters

Before starting my blog or Youtube, I used to care so much what people thought of me. I was so afraid to start my Youtube because of what people would say when they found me. Or what people would think when they watched my videos. Now I don’t give a damn, and you need to have that attitude when you decide to get on this platform. People will comment on any and everything on your videos. People will say your videos suck and will even comment on your appearance. The funny thing is these are always the people hiding behind no profile picture, lol. Be prepared to have tough skin and to ignore the haters honestly. Starting on this platform has given me so much confidence and gave me a small community on the internet; with Instagram constantly changing, it’s great to have another evergreen platform that is search friendly. 

6. Collaborate 

One thing I love about Youtube is the sense of community. I had the pleasure of meeting many new virtual friends and getting many new supporters from my Youtube to my Instagram. I did a collaboration video with SimplyKura, and it helped grow my channel. We both make similar content and have the same type of audience, so it made perfect sense for us to collaborate. If you love someone’s content, tell them and support them. Not only will it help your channel, but you can always collaborate and support each other. 

These are my few tips for starting on Youtube and getting your first 1k subscribers. If you’ve been thinking of starting a Youtube channel, do yourself a favor and start, You will never know if you don’t just start. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; it will be so worth it. I’m still learning, and the work is not done. Monetization, here I come!

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Thanks again for all of your support!

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