Good Beaute! Get your Vitamin C Fix!

When it comes to skincare, when I hear the word vitamin c, I get so excited, and I’m a kid in a candy store. When I learned about Good Beaute, a line of vitamin c products that are tested and proven to work for melanin skin, I was instantly a fan. Created by black female founder Kimberly Hairston-Hicks, Good Beaute was started because of the lack of meaningful research and product development when it came to the skincare needs of black women. This product line consists of 4 products from a cleanser, SPF/moisturizer, serum, and eye balm. I tried the cleanser, moisturizer, and serum, so let’s get into all of the details!

The Good Face Vita C Cleanser

Described as an antioxidant refreshing cleanser that brightens and gently exfoliates this cleanser contains vitamin a, c and e. It includes green tea, an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and acts as an inflammatory.

I like to use this cleanser at night since it gives a light exfoliation without being too harsh on my skin. It has a refreshing citrus smell and delivers the perfect cleanse, especially if you are someone who likes to feel refreshed after washing your face. I love this cleanser for the fact that it isn’t too soapy has a gel-like texture and makes my skin feel and look instantly bright. This cleanser retails for $30.

Good Face Vita C Serum

Vita C Serum

Vitamin C serums can sometimes be tricky to shop since there are so many different formulas. This serum has 10% ascorbic acid, which is excellent for sensitive skin types and for those who might be new to using vitamin c. The serum is oil-free lightweight and contains vitamin e and white tea, which helps to soothe and help prevent skin irritation. This vitamin c serum is for day and night usage. I use this serum in my daytime routine, and it gives the perfect amount of glow without being too greasy. The vitamin c serum retails for $55, and you can shop it here.

Good Face Vita C Moisturizer Spf 50

Finding the perfect moisturizer with SPF cant be the hardest thing when it comes to melanin skin. This moisturizer is my favorite product from the line as its the ideal lightweight moisturizer with SPF that is truly invisible. The Vita C moisturizer contains vitamin c, broad-spectrum SPF, and licorice root extract, which helps to brighten the skin and stop hyperpigmentation from forming. Spf is always the missing product in most skincare routines, and this product makes things very simple. This moisturizer retails for $65, and you can shop it here.

So if you’re on the market for excellent quality vitamin c products, I would check out Good Beaute! All of the products are simplified to fit in any skincare routine, and the bonus is every $1 for every product sold goes back to a non-profit that supports mentoring and educating young black women. Check out Good Beaute Here!

Good Beaute CleanserGood Beaute Vita C MoisturizerGood Beaute Vita C Serum

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