Brown Beauty Chat: The Crayon Case


I have been hearing so many great things about the Crayon Case. Most Recently, Supa Cent (on Instagram, Owner) broke a record for making $1 million in sales of her cosmetics line this past Black Friday. The only thing I found disappointing was that I hadn’t tried anything from the line. With that being said, I finally placed an order for some items and here are my thoughts.

I ordered the Chalk Dust Setting Powder in shade Y and the two highlighter concealers in shades #15 and #16.

The Chalk Dust Setting Powder is described as a weightless luxury setting powder that locks in makeup for all-day wear. It reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines without adding texture, weight or flashback. It leaves the skin airbrushed with a matte finish. I ordered letter Y and honestly had a little trouble deciding what shade would be the best fit. On the website, the description of each shade is a testimonial video as to what shades other customers use. I chose letter Y as it seemed it would be the one that set my makeup with skin like finish.

The Highlighting Concealer is described as a medium to full coverage concealer that is made for long lasting coverage. It is a lightweight formula that moisturizes, erases signs of fatigue and restores skin to a radiant and rested glow. It leaves a matte finish and doesn’t settle or accentuate lines. For myself, shades 15 & 16 seem like the perfect shades to be mixed to highlight without being too light or too dark.

Shades 15 & 16


Upon opening the Chalk Dust Setting powder, I wasn’t too sure if the color was going to be too light since its more of a tannish/ yellow color. I decided to set with it anyway and hope for the best lol. The powder set in perfectly with my skin tone and didn’t make me look grey or have a weird cast of color. Chalk Dust Setting Powder is probably the most matte setting powder I have ever tried. This powder, when used all over the skin, is an oily girl’s best friend. When I wore with a matte foundation, it literally stayed in place all day with no oil in my t-zone (hello summer). The powder is finely milled, so it blurs out texture and doesn’t feel cakey on the skin.

The highlighting concealer comes in the cutest packaging that looks like an actual highlighter pen. To use the concealer you have to squeeze the tube for concealer to come out. It was a little tricky to dispense the correct amount, and I ended up just squeezing some out on the back of my hand and then applying. It is very lightweight but still provides a significant amount of coverage. I used shade number 16 to highlight under my eyes, bridge of my nose and my forehead. The concealer blends out really nicely without needing a ton to get the right amount of coverage.

The Crayon Case is a fun brand with cool fun products that not only enhance the skin but are cool to use in the process. I recommend trying out the Chalk Dust Setting Powder for my girls that like to stay in place all day and the highlighting concealer. The Chalk Dust Setting Powder and Highlighting Concealer retail for $20 and $5. It doesn’t hurt to get a few colors of the concealers to try out. Definitely Brown Girl Recommended.

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