Why you must visit the Bite Beauty Lab!

Bite Beauty Lab Williamsburg

If you aren’t familiar with Bite Beauty, then you are missing out. Bite Beauty is a woman founded cosmetics company that specializes in lip products. All of the Bite products are infused with resveratrol and made with food-grade ingredients. That means that all of Bite’s products contain antioxidants to protect the lips from free radicals and are good enough to eat.

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the Bite Beauty Lip Lab location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Lipstick is my favorite part of putting on makeup, so the idea of creating my very own lipstick was exciting. I’m sure you’re wondering how this all goes down lol. It’s not as overwhelming as you might think it is as the process is straightforward.

Taking everything in lol

When you enter the location, you pair up with a makeup artist who will pretty much be your assistant during the entire process. I had the pleasure of working with Tanya. She was so delightful and knew what I was looking for, which made the process extremely easy and fun.

My Artist Tanya Insta @brushedbytanya

Pick a Base
There are 35 shade bases to choose from. The color base determines the overall lipstick shade. There is everything from black, pink to neutralizing shades such as grey.

Of course, you should have an idea of the type of color you are looking at beforehand. I went in knowing that I wanted the perfect nude lip color and dark vampy lip color. Once I told Tanya the colors I was looking for, we were able to mix other bases to get the perfect shade. During this process, Tanya created a lip color; then, I decided if I wanted something lighter or darker to my liking.

Pick a Finish
You can pick from 4 different finishes. There is a choice between satin, matte, sheer, and glossy finish. All of Bite lip products are hydrating, so even the matte finish has a creaminess to it. I decided to make my vampy lip in a matte finish and my nude lip in a satin finish.

Pick a Scent
The scent is such a great added personal touch. There are about six different scents to choose from. It ranges from the smell of coconut, mango, and even mint.

The process from start to finish takes about an hour, and the final step is your lipstick being poured and then frozen into an actual lipstick container.

Tanya putting the final touches to my lipstick

The Lip Lab is one of the best retail experiences I have ever had. It was so much fun and educational at the same time. It was so great to see what goes into making a lipstick. Sometimes getting that perfect shade is not as easy as it may seem. Now I will think twice before I complain that a beauty company doesn’t have the tone of lipstick that I am looking for lol.

A shade I made Vampy Goddess
Nude Lip creating called Nude Queen

The Brooklyn Lip Lab is one of two locations located in NYC. I visited the Williamsburg location. I recommend going as who doesn’t want their personalized, customized lipstick that you get to create. Go to the Williamsburg location and tell Tanya Jasmin sent you!

You can also shop Bite Beauty on their website and Sephora.com. Just note a lot of the products are on sale and limited due to reformulation.

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